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Online Computer Science Degrees

As technology advances and becomes ever more important in all aspects of our lives including business, healthcare, education, and entertainment the need for technical experts grows. Career possibilities are seemingly unlimited for qualified, trained IT and computer science professionals.

Earning a computer science degree online is an excellent way to start or further develop your technology career. Online computer science programs can teach you how to create, manage, or protect computer systems and give you a solid foundation in software engineering. Specialized degree or certification programs can train you in specific network or programming skills. For example, online website development classes teach you the fundamentals of establishing and maintaining a web site or web server. Website development courses often include training in HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, PDF, CSS, GIF, PHP, and more.

With a degree in computer science you can attain positions such as programmer, database administrator, or webmaster. To find out more about getting your computer science degree online, click on any of the schools below for more information.

Featured Online Computer Science Degrees: